Wheat And Water

Elemental ingredients make for an exceptional spirit. Totem is made from pure Rocky Mountain deep aquifer water and 100% Canadian Winter Wheat. Grown on a single farm in Alberta, each of the four seasons forges a different character into the grain.

Taste That Stands Above The Rest

Distilled in small batches, Totem has a taste as crisp and clean as the first winter frost, yet as soft as Prairie rain. 

We have created a crisp vodka with a clean nose combined with a subtle sweetness. On its own it can be enjoyed in a classic vodka martini, and it provides the perfect base for all vodka-based cocktails.

The Spirit Of Canada

Born in the mountains and Prairies and raised around the world. From the heart of the land, comes the spirit of Canada.

Find Totem

Totem Vodka is an artisanal spirit, produced from a single source wheat farm and distilled in small batches.

Customers in Alberta looking to purchase Totem Vodka online, can do so by clicking here.

It is available at select liquor stores across Alberta and British Columbia.

If a store close to you does not currently carry Totem Vodka, don’t worry! Please speak with staff or management at your local liquor store, to have Totem Vodka brought in at your request.
Please enjoy responsibly.

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    Totem Distillers is grateful for the artful inspiration of the coastal cultures of British Columbia and has sought to further the work of indigenous artists and artisans. We are proud to help underwrite the apprenticeship program Chief Janice George and Willard (Buddy) Joseph have instituted to mentor others to continue re-introducing and teaching Salish weaving to the coastal cultures in British Columbia and Washington.

    Wildlife Rescue is the busiest wildlife rehabilitation centre in Canada. The organization treats in excess of 5,000 injured, sick, oil-polluted and orphaned animals a year from its site at Burnaby Lake Regional Park near Vancouver, BC. In 36 years of operation, the organization has admitted almost 100,000 animals from 186 different species. It treats everything from hummingbirds and herons to bats and beavers. The majority of animals come from the Metro Vancouver area, but the organization also treats animals from as far afield as Vancouver Island, Whistler, the Okanagan Valley, the Fraser Valley and northern BC. For more details, go to wildliferescue.ca.


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    Thank you for your interest in Totem Vodka. We appreciate your feedback.

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Totem Vodka. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us at taste@totemdistillers.com and we will respond to you directly.

    Q – Why did you choose to withdraw Totem Vodka at this time?

    A – Our desire has always been to celebrate the best of Canada, including the First Nations cultures of the west coast and the pristine environment of the Canadian Rockies. We have heard a number of concerns from Aboriginal people and want to make sure we respectfully address those before proceeding further.

    Q – What is Totem Vodka made from?

    A - Totem Vodka is made from pure Rocky Mountain deep aquifer water and 100% Canadian Winter Wheat. Grown on a single farm in Alberta, each of the four seasons forges a different character into the grain. The vodka is five-times distilled and filtered through charcoal for a clean and pure taste.

    Q – Is the designer of the bottle a First Nations artist?

    A – No. A number of years ago, Totem Distillers commissioned a Vancouver artist to produce a bottle design that is representative of the natural and historical elements of the Canadian Pacific Northwest where the company was founded. The artist produced an artistic eagle totem design inspired by the deep history and culture of the northwest coast First Nations and gave the company its name.

    Q – Is anyone on the team Aboriginal or a First Nations member?

    A – Not currently. We have been consulting behind the scenes to ensure respectful collaboration and ways in which we can further Aboriginal projects. The founders have deep roots in Western Canada, specifically in Vancouver, for more than 60 years, and have been inspired by and have previously sought out commissioned First Nations artists.

    Q – Was there any consultation to First Nations groups about the design of the logo or bottle, or the name of the brand?

    A – The design for Totem Vodka is inspired by indigenous Pacific Northwest artwork. Totem Distillers has a strong commitment to the community and to Canada. As a part of that community, it is inspired by all facets of it. Core to our story is the connection to the Pacific Northwest and its original inhabitants.

    Q – Did Totem Vodka consider the appropriateness of putting alcohol inside a culturally inspired symbol?

    A – The image was inspired by an admiration and love of First Nations culture – without ever intending disrespect. Being aware of First Nations wineries, the company intended that the excellence of the product combined with the beauty of the symbol executed at a standard of excellence could facilitate promoting the culture to a broad audience around the world. The company reminds consumers to enjoy  alcoholic beverages responsibly. Please visit the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse (CCSA) website for a comprehensive guide to help Canadians moderate their alcohol consumption and reduce their immediate and long-term alcohol-related harm.

    Q - Who Owns Totem Vodka?

    A - Totem Vodka is owned by a lower mainland-based business, Totem Distillers.

    Q – Did Totem Vodka consult with First Nations elders regarding the use of the totem cultural symbol? What steps has Totem Distillers taken to ensure its respectful use?

    A –We were motivated by our attraction to the art and cultures of Canada that gave birth to totem poles in the Pacific Northwest and in no way intend to trivialize a deeply important symbol. We are listening to Aboriginal advice and counsel and respectfully responding to any concerns.